Ron Burgundy Promotes 2014 Dodge Durango: Hilarity Ensues

Fictional TV news anchor Ron Burgundy usually spends his time as a member of the Channel 4 News Team in sunny San Diego, but starting in early October, the Anchorman himself has been behind the camera for quite a different reason. Ron Burgundy is the new face of the Dodge Durango, and well... it's kind of a big deal.

Chances are if you've had the chance to see any of the videos on TV or on Dodge's Youtube channel, you haven't stopped laughing. You probably haven't been able to think about any other SUV than the 2014 Dodge Durango either. We can't really blame you, either. The Dodge Durango comes equipped with best in class standard and available towing, 50 different seating configurations, one of Ward's 10 best engine's for 2014, a multitude of technology features, and Ron Burgundy's favorite feature: the glove box, which comes complete with .1 cubic feet of storage (enough room to comfortably fit two turkey sandwiches or 70 packs of gum, take your pick). The news anchor manages to highlight several of these features throughout the numerous short videos. With a combined total of over 15 billion views on Youtube, the Anchorman/Dodge combination is a match made in entertainment heaven. Check out our inventory of Durangos right here.

Now Ron Burgundy and Dodge are teaming up to give away a free Dodge Durango as part of what they're calling "the world's greatest online endurance event" with the 'Hands On Ron Burgundy' contest. The premise of the game is simple: whoever clicks on Ron the longest wins a new 2014 Dodge Durango. In the game, several "hotspots" appear on the screen amidst images of Burgundy and the Durango and you begin to accrue points for every second you are clicking. You're allowed short breaks to watch videos and as the game progresses, the spots get progressively harder to keep your cursor on. The contest started on Nov. 19 and as of today, the high score is over 519,000. There are 399 other prizes for other players not lucky enough to win themselves a brand new Durango. These prizes include a trip to the 'Anchorman 2' premiere in New York City and tons of other Anchorman memorabilia.

Watch the videos or play the game right here: //

Take Ron's advice: "You know that old saying it's time to get the heck out of Dodge? I say you get the heck into one." And you stay classy, Chrysler fans.