Will the Easter Safari Unveil the Jeep Brand's New Pickup Truck?


Though executives at the Jeep brand have confirmed that a new Jeep truck model will be moving into production, the concrete information really ends there. At this moment, we have no information about cost or pricing, release date, or specs for a Jeep Wrangler pickup truck--in fact, we can't even be sure of the actual vehicle's name. But, we've crossed every finger and every toe that news will grace our ears soon.

It's no surprise that the Jeep Wrangler compact 4x4 is one of the most-customized vehicles, not just within the brand lineup but across the industry. From basic accessories additions to conversions and builds costing into the thousands of dollars, Wrangler enthusiasts are some of the wildest fans on the planet.

Typical Wrangler pickup truck conversion kits--like the famed Scrambler or the Brute--cost upwards of $8,000 or even $10,000 dollars, and that's assuming that you can find a service center or body shop that can accommodate your requests. Otherwise, you'll need to ship the vehicle body out to a professional modification company.

But a new Jeep Wrangler pickup truck would change all of that, giving drivers in Springfield, Dayton, Fairborn, and Urbana OH immediate access to a capable compact truck out of the box.

Theories are flying fast and furious across the industry: some believe that the Wrangler's platform will host the new truck, while others argue that it will be based on an entirely new platform. Some put their money on the Gladiator concept that we saw a few years back, while others are hoping for a road-ready version of the legendary JK-8.

But, only time will tell. However, with a stunning array of pickup truck concept Jeep models arriving soon at the 2016 Easter Safari, we just might see a glimpse of the future vehicle. Get a sneak peek of the upcoming Safari here:

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