2015 Jeep Lineup Preview

After the big changes to the Jeep lineup surrounding the 2014 models, Jeep enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting to hear what is in store for the 2015 Jeep family lineup. Due to the drastic improvements seen in 2014, buyers should expect to see much of the same with cosmetic and technology improvements along the way. 

However, one big change is in store for the Jeep family. This year will mark the official addition of the Jeep Renegade. In production with the FIAT 500L in Italy, the Renegade will start to make appearances in U.S. showrooms alongside its larger Jeep family members. 

Drivers looking to upgrade to a new Jeep Wrangler also have new color options to choose from including Tank, Sunset Orange and Baja Yellow. On top of that, the Jeep Wrangler will get significant audio system upgrades as well. Moving up to six and seven speaker options, the Wrangler will offer top notch entertainment features. 

The vehicle with the most significant updates in 2014 was the Jeep Cherokee. Rising above the competition in the industry as a whole and especially its class, the Jeep Cherokee launched the industry's first nine-speed automatic creating major buzz around the Jeep brand and their continued innovation. However, the 2015 model will get some upgrades. Adding cosmetic features such as integrated exhaust pipes, new trip options and available ventilated seats, the Jeep will be able to be customized to suit your preferences on every level. Another big upgrade for the Cherokee will be the addition of a host of safety features that will come as a part of the SafetyTec group. Boasting new features like rear park assist, rear cross path detection, blind spot monitoring and more, drivers will have even more protection while on the road. 

Along with other model changes, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit will get in on the action as well. To create an even more enjoyable driving experience, the Summit will now have an acoustic windshield and second-row side glass as well as noise cancellation. 

Jeep enthusiasts can start looking for the upcoming changes to come to the Jeep lineup later this year.